lördag 24 maj 2008

Stumbi has moved!

... and is now a product of Soya Software:



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hugoking sa...

Excellent, love Stumbi, happily paid the $2.

Couple of suggestions for a future release:
- A favourites button to take you to your user page (like in Firefox)
- Make the 'thumbs up'/'thumbs down' buttons into one 'double button' like the back/forwards button on Safari
- Provide version info, donate button, and trial period usage/registered notice in the 'Settings' menu option.

These are all merely aesthetic, but would be great and I shouldn't imagine too hard to implement. And this is, after all, a Mac plug-in - it's meant to be perfect and pretty!

Kudos for making my StumbleUpon addiction easier - it may mean the death of my productivity, but it makes me happy!

hugoking sa...

Oh, and also the matte around the SU logo is a little dodgy (it can be seen when the button is depressed). I suggest getting a better quality high-res logo and resizing for the button.